Probably the people most qualified to discuss the advantages of owning a Ball home are those who have already done us the honor of choosing a Ball home— maybe more than once. Here’s what some of our homeowners have had to say about their Ball Homes experiences:

"We are very pleased with our new home and we LOVE the floorplan/layout of our house! Many people are surprised when we share how enjoyable the home building process was for us. Ball Homes really did make building a house very low stress. We had an issue with the lighting company that they use and the Ball Homes customer service addressed it right away. Huge thanks to Tracy and Gator - best of the best!!!"
-- R.L., Knoxville, TN

"The listing agent was outstanding throughout the process! The superintendents were extremely thorough and ensured a great product! I found the work crew to be polite, hardworking and focused! [The superintendent] has been very responsive in regard to following up with any issues since I moved in. Ball Homes should be pleased with the overall project development and the hard working folks who make it happen in the field!"

-- B.B., Lexington, KY


"We love our Ball home! The whole process was so easy. We have built several homes over the years and this experience has by far been the easiest, hassle free and actually enjoyable. Kriston Wilson, our Ball Homes Specialist guided us through each step of the process. She helped us pick out our floor plan all the way through our final walk through and closing. The quality of work is amazing. Even after closing they have been right on our punch list fixing everything we had on it. I like that there is a customer service person to call if a problem should arise. We highly recommend if you are considering building/purchasing a home in the Knoxville area that you look into all that Ball homes has to offer. You won’t be disappointed! Ask for Kriston!!!" 

-- P.P., Knoxville, TN

"We built a new home with Ball Homes and we are very pleased! The value Ball Homes provides was unmatched, and we were able to build a home with many luxury features for a fraction of the price. When building with Ball, it is important to remember this is a semi-custom home, not a custom home. Ball Homes approved some of our requests, such as turning a tandem garage into an extra bedroom, but there were other, smaller requests that were denied. Another key to our positive experience was the extreme professionalism of our Ball Homes agent, Kriston Wilson. Kriston answered all our questions accurately, thoroughly, and quickly. She helped us set realistic expectations, and was fabulous at communicating with us throughout the process. Neighbors who used other agents were not as pleased with their building experience. I would definitely build with Ball Homes again, and I highly recommend Kriston Wilson!"

-- J.B., Knoxville, TN


About the people they worked with:
  • The superintendent was very helpful with the entire building process. I felt he really went above and beyond.
What they like most about their new Ball Home:
  • The quality and design options, as well as the easy to use maintenance service.
-- P.S. and P.S., Fisherville, KY

"I like that everything is under warranty for a year and there is good customer service when something is wrong. I love the floor plan and all the finishes. It is so lovely having a new home built for us."

-- E.F., Lexington, KY


About the people they worked with:
  • The listing agent was perfection, [she] was always a phone call away.
What they like most about their new Ball Home:
  • Love the windows and flooring
  • Excellent job on the backsplash, tile flooring, and tile shower
  • Love the open floor plan - above all
  • Spacious lot
-- M.P., Georgetown, KY

“ [We] are building our home through your company [in a Lexington Ball Homes neighborhood]. From the very first visit to one of your model homes to date, everyone that represents Ball Homes has been extremely professional and just the best people to work with imaginable . . . numbers of the Realtors when we visited the models down to the heat and air workers, plumbers, and just everyone we have come in contact with through our building. [My husband and I] would not hesitate for a second to recommend Ball Homes to any of our friends or family looking to build. To date our encounters with all your people and subcontractors have been excellent . . . [Walden Mortgage] has been extremely helpful in doing and processing our mortgage. Many times owners of companies will constantly hear negative complaints but seldom sometimes hear the positive comments. Anyway, just wanted to tell you just how wonderful your people have been and still are to work with from beginning to date . . . Thanks for the Quality People to work with!!! —V.H. 

About the people they worked with:
  • The listing agent was always very knowledgeable and helpful
  • The superintendent did a tremendous job overseeing the construction of my home, and [he] has quickly and professionally handled any questions or concerns.
  • The selections coordinator was a pleasure to work with.
What they love most about their new Ball Home:
  • Thanks to Ball Homes, I am the proud owner of a beautiful new home.
--J.A., Louisville, KY

“[We] have lived in our Ball Home 3 1/2 yrs. We are both educators, but I obtained my real estate license 5 years ago and was very impressed by the Charleston model when I showed it. It had the perfect floor plan in only 2800 sq ft, and showed better than property at triple the price. Not only did we sell our current home in 2 weeks and build the Charleston, but I also sold it to some friends who built right up the street from us . . It was a joy, every step of the way, from choosing a lot, making selections, watching the process, and moving in. Our back yard backs to a creek and field; we see foxes, eagles, geese, and beautiful scenery from the two stories of windows in the great room- falling snow, autumn leaves, and emerald greens of spring and summer. We have 3 children and little cash to decorate, so what you see [in our home] is a combination of hand me downs, refinishing, and bargains. I have had the pleasure of attending two fundraisers at Don and Mira Ball's home, and am happy to take this opportunity to say thanks- keep up the good work!!!! “ —S.C. 


About the people the worked with:
  • The listing agent was very helpful!
  • The superintendent really went out of the way to help us! [He] was so great ad continued to check on us as we pass by.
  • Everything that has come up has been taken care of immediately!
What they like most about their Ball Home:
  • Customer service when I have had a problem!
--L.S., Georgetown, KY

“My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Ball Homes team who helped make our dream come true. Our story began about 2 years ago . . . one day when we toured the Whitney model . . . we knew that this was the model that we wanted, but only in the Crestwood area. Later that year I [learned about a new location in the area we wanted to live]. At that point we had started planning for our move there. [Our agents] were great and followed us through the whole adventure . . even listing our property for sale. Also, a special thanks to [a Milestone Agent] for selling our home and coordinating the concurrent close. We had decided that we really wanted to make our last home special and to have the options of a custom home. After visiting the new Lexington Ball Homes subdivision with [our agents] we knew it was really possible. The team of [Williamsgate superintendents] made our dream even better. After [they] had hand built our stone fireplace, we already felt like this was our new home. They were a joy to work with and made changes that even made our custom home better. From the stone front of our Whitney II to our greatly admired covered deck, thanks to help from [our agents and superintendents] and Mike Ball, both [my wife] and myself are true Ball Home believers.”— D.G. and N.G. 


You all ROCK!!!”— A.C.

“It is rare to find a company, such as yours, that takes pride in their work and does what they can to keep their customers happy . . . Thank you for the dedication you give to your homes and your customers.” — C.P.



“We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your Customer Service organization for all the help, support, and immediate response to our needs. We have built a number of custom built homes over the last 25 years and the service and cooperation we receive from Ball Homes’s entire organization has been equal or better. The Customer Service personnel and the subcontractors have been a pleasure to work with especially when so many companies tend to ‘walk away’ from their commitments .. . Again, thank you for the excellent service, much appreciated” —L.Y. and S.Y.


“My wife and I built a Ball home . . . a little over 2 months ago. We absolutely LOVE OUR HOME!!!! All the folks we dealt with from Ball homes were wonderful.” — J.R. 


“I feel we have a very unique Ball Homes Story to tell . . .my husband and I  were a little stressed with building a new home and awaiting the arrival of our first child in early June.  Throughout my pregnancy I continuously joked about going into labor at our old house and coming home to a brand new home.  On the morning [we were scheduled to close on our house] we woke early to get things ready for our movers when they arrived.  However, our little one had other ideas on his mind.  I began feeling tired and began having pains.  Brushing the pain off as nerves, we headed to our final walk-through.  As my pains grew harder, I sat in the car as the realtor and my husband ticked-off items on the punch list.  Finally, around 11:00 a.m. we arrived to the closing.  My husband and I began counting contractions.  As we entered the attorney's office, we determined my pains were five minutes apart.  Everyone in the closing signed papers as quickly as possible.  Finally, we were owners of our new Ball Home!  We left the closing,  gave our new key to the movers, and headed off to the hospital.  That afternoon around 3:15 we welcomed our new baby boy!  In a few days, our new family began our life in our new home.  We have been in our home for nearly 5 1/2 years.  During that time, we have another addition to our family.  We truly love our neighborhood, our neighbors and our home.  We are truly blessed. “—S.G. and R.G. 



“You have an excellent team . . . We love our new home and have been very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the quality of service provided. I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how wonderful the experience has been.”—S.M. 


“We recently finished building a Ball Home and there were three employees involved who deserve recognition for pride in their work and outstanding customer service.  . .   Building a house was a stressful process for us and I am grateful that we had them to help us along.  I would not hesitate to recommend a Ball Home to anyone else if those three were involved in the process.”—J.P. 



"I closed on a customized Ashley II Ball Home . . . Not only was the floor plan amazing, but the available options were tasteful and complementary. I have had several compliments from friends and family, as well as from impressed passersby. My Milestone agents . . . and Walden Mortgage were unfailingly courteous, professional, patient and available. In fact, when the closing was delayed and almost jeopardized my trip abroad, all of my agents, in concert the regional and national directors, came up with a practical solution to the problem. Thus, despite some moments of anxiety on my part, when all was said and done, Ball Homes came through for me, and I was able to make my trip. Since closing, the quality service has continued through the Customer Service Department . . .[My agent] has maintained contact, to make sure that I am thrilled with my investment. And I am. I have made frequent and terrible oaths that this is the last house I will ever build or buy, but if that ever changes, I know whom I will be calling …”— E.E. 


“I am a resident of [a Ball Homes neighborhood in Louisville]. We were one of the first buyers of a lot and built an Harrington in this subdivision over 5 years ago. We recently sold this house and would be moving out around Christmas. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Ball Homes for a wonderful experience they gave us. This was our first home and from the time of picking up upgrade items at Ball Homes office to the building process and then living in the house, we had nothing but [a] great experience. Ball Homes builds great homes and above all stands by its product. Before deciding to go with Ball Homes, we researched a lot and found Ball Homes provided the best value and I have to say that Ball Homes exceeded our expectations. I would also like to mention about the customer service department of Ball Homes. You have a wonderful and courteous staff. I remember that during my 1st year walk thru, I pointed out to the Ball Homes supervisor that my front door being black, gets too hot in summer. That gentleman immediately painted our front door to match it with our siding."   



"I will take fond memories from this house especially because it was our first house and we had our daughter born here. I would recommend Ball Homes without any reservations to all my friends and family interested in buying in this price range." 



 "This is the fifth house we have built and this is by far the best! The workmanship is superior! We are very happy customers!" -- F.K. and J.K.


"I wanted to take a moment to thank [Milestone Agents] for playing such an important role in the purchase of our new Ball Home. [Their] individual . . . follow-up efforts resulted in a great homebuying experience. Although we had a speed-bump towards the end, things worked out and we're very happy. Ball Home's commitment to getting the job done right (before and after the sale) and understanding their customer's issues is a testament to their professionalism and strong reputation.  I tell everyone I know how happy we are with our Ball Home." -- M.K .and J.K.


"We want to thank you for the recent work that you completed on our home. The results are excellent and we were very impressed with the people involved...It isn't often that one comes across a business so committed to customer satisfaction!" -- L.B. and T.B.


About the people the worked with:

  • Debbie (the listing agent) was nice and helpful
  • Richard (the superintendent)was great and so helpful
What they like most about their Ball Home:
  • The location and layout of our home! We love the covered deck and basement.

-C.C. and R.C., Nicholasville

 "Thank you so much!...We are so blessed to live in a beautiful home in a wonderful community! We love our Ball home!" -- R.B. and L.B.

About the people the worked with:

  • Beverly (the listing agent) was very detailed with the new construction process and expectations for a new home owner
  • Will (the superintendent) was thorough with explanations with questions I had during the walk through process
What they like most about their Ball Home:
  • The home design and selections, colors and flooring were nicely put together.  This removes a lot of stress when making decisions for interior designs.
--K.E., Louisville

What they like most about their Ball Home:

Now we have more space for kids to enjoy.  Big house and comfortable . . . in fact I don't have words to show you how we are happy"

--J.D.D. and N.M., Lexington

"We enjoyed how we were able to pick out the layout and furnishings of the house, that allowed us to customize the house exactly as we wanted it.  We are very pleased with our choices and the build quality and interactions with the Ball Homes’ staff, superintendents, and design consultants.  Thank you for helping us build our dream home.”--A.Y. and C.Y., Knoxville

About the people the worked with:

  • Richard (the superintendent)provided excellent service
What they like most about their Ball Home:
  • The peace and assurance [Ball Homes] stands behind their workmanship and product
  • How kind everyone has been through the process

--R.M. and P.M., Winchester


"I like the fact that I received a packet stating [my home] is a high energy efficiency house.  This means a lot with the high cost of energy"

--K.F., Louisville

What they like most about their Ball Home:

Space for family to gather and enjoy each other

--S.M. and L.M., Winchester

What they like most about their Ball Home:

It has plenty of space for our needs.  We liked being able to pick out some of our finishes.  It is great being able to live in a brand new home.  Appliances are good, too.  Home was built in a timely manner.

--J.A. and K.A., Nicholasville

"Rob was extremely helpful from the moment that we met at the open house. . . Ruben went above and beyond-- more than we could have asked for! The floor plan fits our needs.  Rob and Ruben were the best part of the whole experience.  Meeting them gave us complete confidence in the home we purchased "--J.G. and A.G., Richmond

About the people the worked with:
  • Katie (the listing agent) was very kind, knowledgeable, and kept me informed
  • Spencer (the superintendent) was also wonderful to work with. He has been very helpful.
What they like most about their Ball Home:
  • It's nice, roomy and beautiful and it's mine. This is the first home I've ever bought by myself.  My husband always took care of buying and selling our home, but he passed away [last year].  Ball Homes and all representing them made me feel comfortable and they were all helpful.
--R.T., Lexington

"We downsized from 4800sf to 2600sf. We were pleasantly surprised. Open concept limited the pain. Great new home."  --W.H. and R.H., Nicholasville