September 2012

Knoxville's 2012 Parade of Homes

The Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville will begin hosting their annual Parade of Homes this weekend. The Parade of Homes is a tour of new and totally renovated homes in Knox, Anderson, Blount, and Loudon Counties. Homes on the tour will have a variety of locations and price ranges and is the perfect source for anyone who plans to buy a new home or wants to see the newest trends in the home building industry.

Sponsored by ORNL Federal Credit Union, this event will run a total of three weekends, September 28th-30th, October 5th-7th, and October 12th-14th from noon-5 pm. The tour is free to the public and builder and real estate representatives will be on hand to address any questions. There will be a total of 34 homes on the tour with over 20 different builders represented.

Ball Homes will be showcasing three homes in the tour; the Westmont II, located at 144 Silver Leaf Drive in Silver Oak, the Hartford II, located at 12802 Lily Pond Lane in Falcon Pointe, and the Cavanaugh II D, located at 10916 Gable Run Road in Greenbrook. Representatives from J Honeycutt Real Estate will be on hand throughout the tour for more information on these homes.

For more information on the tour, visit the event’s website at

photos provided by HBAGK and J Honeycutt Real Estate

Buying is Cheaper Than Renting

Many factors go into deciding whether or not to purchase a home. But, if you are able to buy, it’s been proven to be the cheaper route. announced two weeks ago that in America’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, buying a home is more affordable than renting.  


Asking home prices have risen by 2.3% year over year, however, rents have risen more (4.7%). This means that home prices are lower relative to rents than they were a year ago.

Mortgage rates have also fallen. The best rates this summer have been around 3.5%, while last summer rates were closer to 4.5%. With rates that low, it makes home buying a powerful option.


There are several other factors to take into consideration when making these calculations, such as tax deductions and the length of time that you plan to remain in your home. You get the best savings by staying in your home seven years or longer. Seven years is the average amount of time a homeowner remains in their property, so for most people, this cost savings will be high.


The decision to rent or buy a home is very personal. There’s a strong emotional component: some people want the security of homeownership and others want the footloose freedom of renting. Affordability is at an all-time high and renting is no longer viable as the cheaper option. If you are able to buy a home, now is the time to do it!


Preparing Your Home For Fall

A cold front has moved into the area, just in time for the beginning of Fall. We’re just two days into the new season and already we’re starting to see the leaves fall and the temperatures drop.  Kick off this new season by taking the time now to prepare your home for the cooler temperatures ahead. Taking the time to complete these tasks now will ensure that you and your home will have an easy transition into the coming months.

1.    Inspect the roof, gutters and drainpipes. You may want to hold off until later in the fall (when most leaves have dropped) before cleaning the gutters, but doing a visual inspection now is a good idea. If any branches and leaves fell during summer storms, remove them so they don't cause blockages during autumn rains. Inspecting your roof now will leave ample time to have repairs or a replacement made before winter.

2.    Have your chimney cleaned before you light the first fire. Check your fireplace for residual soot, blockage, or creosote. Schedule to have a professional come out and clean your fireplace before you strike up a match. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, move your firewood to a covered area for easy access. Make sure you inspect for insects before moving the wood, otherwise you’ll run the risk of bringing them into your home.

3.    Tidy up the porch. Falling leaves means lots of yard debris to pick up. Sweep away any dead leaves or branches to create a warm and inviting area to welcome your guests to your home. Add some brightly colored flowers, like mums, to planters by the front stoop, or hang a seasonal wreath on your door. 

4.    Prepare your doorways with rugs and mud trays for dirty shoes.  When the wet weather strikes, make sure your flooring is protected by large rugs and boot trays by entrances. Add a basket or small bins for papers and cold-weather accessories to help keep entrances organized and clutter-free.

5.    Clean, repair, and put away all lawn furniture and equipment. Close down and drain all lawn fountains, sprinklers and hoses before the freezing weather hits. Clean and put away all lawn care tools. After the last use of the year, prep your lawn mower for the winter.

Do you have any other tips to prepare your house for colder weather?


Woodford County Repair Affair

This weekend kicks off the 14th annual Woodford County Repair Affair, sponsored by the Versailles-Woodford County Rotary Club. Ball Homes is proud to be a sponsor of this important event.  On September 21-22, over 200 volunteers from around the area will join together to help the elderly, disabled, and low-income individuals in the community improve the safety and comfort of their homes. The goal of this year's event is to provide home maintenance and repairs for 20-25 homeowners in Woodford County. Since 1998, this annual event has repaired over 271 homes and, as a result, has provided safe and secure living arrangements to homeowners. Over 2,500 volunteers have worked to provide this service through no cost to the homeowners.  Volunteers are able to be involved in a variety of different facets of this project - from fundraising, to publicity, to applicant interviewing, to providing professional home repairs (including HVAC, electrical and plumbing), to doing general handiwork things like painting, cleaning out brushes, or removing shingles from a roof. We're looking forward to participating in this important cause!

Everyone loves a good before and after shot--check out these photos of the exterior of one of the Repair Affair homes from 2011.  What a difference!

Before and After: the 2011 Repair Affair

Expanding Our Homesites in Arlington Meadows

We are excited about the opportunity to expand our home sites in eastern Louisville. Arlington Meadows, which is located in the desirable Shelbyville Road corridor, is conveniently located close to the Valhalla golf course and near recreation at both Long Run and Miles Parks. Shopping is located close by in Middletown.

There are three sections that will be open in Arlington Meadows. Sections 1A and 4 will accommodate eighteen different floor plans in our Villa and Traditions collection, ranging from 1,794 square feet to over 3,200 square feet. Basements are available on some home sites. These floor plans offer three to five bedrooms and two to three baths, with options for lofts, bonus rooms, and flex areas to accommodate today's homebuyers. Base prices range from $179,950 to $247,950.

Section 3 offers twelve plans from the Villa and Traditions collection, with homes from 1,894 square feet to 3,262 square feet. Homes in this section are mostly brick, with side entry garages and L-drives included. Basements are available on some home sites. Homes have three to five bedrooms and two to three baths, with many luxury bath upgrades, lofts, bonus rooms, and flexible spaces offered. Base prices range from $199,950 to $264,950.

For more information regarding these home sites, visit our website.