Design Studio

Sneak Peek...

We've been busy here at Ball Homes!

Besides working on Grand Tour of Homes and opening new model homes, we've been doing some remodeling at our Central Kentucky office. Starting tonight at our bi-weekly Design Studio Open House, you'll be able to tour our brand new Design Center.

This new center is designed with our homeowners in mind. You'll be able to see and touch many of the design elements that go into your new Ball home. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see.

From walls of faucet and showerhead options, to an operational kitchen with full appliances, come see what's new at Ball Homes! Our Central Kentucky Design Studio is open to the public every other Tuesday, beginning August 5th from 5-7pm, or by appointment during the week. For directions, click here.

Did You Know? Granite Edition



There’s no doubt that granite is one of the most popular countertop choices on the market today, but how much do you really know about this popular stone? We have compiled a short list of facts about the granite that we offer here at Ball Homes.
  • Ball Homes currently offers nine different granite selections.  One of the wonderful features about this popular stone is that no two pieces are alike.  As they carve the stone from the mountains, the colors, veining patterns and movement will change.  The samples in the design studio do not begin to show the color, movement, and variation that they will have in a large slab, so there is always the possibility that the actual color of the stone will vary up to a full shade from what is in our Design Studio.  That is part of the innate beauty of the product and what enables our buyers to further personalize the look of their new home.
  • Granite is an incredibly strong and durable option for kitchen countertops, but it is also a porous surface, which means that spills and stains can seep into the stone and discolor it if not treated properly. Be diligent of splashes and spills to avoid deep stains. Avoid letting citrus or alcohol products sit on the granite surface as it can etch and dull it.  Granite surfaces are heat resistant and scratch resistant, but not heat proof or scratch proof. Make sure you use caution when it comes to placing hot items directly on your countertop. For tips on how to clean and maintain your granite surfaces, read our previous blog post here.
  • As added value for our homeowners, Ball Homes will install your granite countertops with a protective sealer already on it. There is no initial maintenance on the countertops in your home, but like any home, there will be upkeep down the road. Homeowners will need to reseal their granite countertops about once a year—an easy project almost anyone can do.  Click here for a tutorial video on how to properly seal your granite countertops.
What do you think about granite countertops? Do you have them in your home? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Have Your Own HGTV Experience at Ball Homes

Do you ever watch HGTV? To be honest, I have become addicted to watching that channel! I love seeing how designers pull different elements together to create a custom look for each of their clients. 

Here at Ball Homes, we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in home design and decor. Our award-winning Design Studio offers a vast array of options and finishes to personalize your home. You can really have your own "HGTV experience" by customizing and personalizing your Ball Home. From granite or quartz countertops, luxury bath finishes, wood or laminate flooring, and a variety of cabinetry options, we are confident that today's homebuyer will be pleasantly surprised at the wide array of options available for their home.

We understand that designing decisions can be stressful for some people. We have made it as easy as possible to personalize your home the way you want it. Our Design Consultants are trained to help you through the selection process and customize your home to fit your lifestyle. We also have our own in-house drafting department that can make changes to base floor plans to satisfy the needs of your family.

For more information on our selection and design process, visit our website!

Design Studio Open House

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to build a new home, but had no idea where to start, we encourage you to stop by our Design Studio Open Houses! Every other Tuesday from 5-7 pm, you'll have the unique opportunity to see and touch many of the options that we have available for your new Ball home. You will be able to start looking through the plethora of options for paint, flooring, countertops, cabinets, decorative windows, roofing, brick, doors, stone, hardware, fireplaces and much more. You’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to see and pick out all your colors and options in one place!

Also at the open house, you’ll have the chance to speak with Design Consultants and a member of our Ball Homes Sales team. Having helped clients just like you select the perfect colors and options for their home over the years, they are experts at what they do! Many buyers come to our Design Studio feeling anxious about all the decisions they’ll have to make regarding their new home. After meeting with one of our consultants, they leave feeling confident and excited. Our team will work side-by-side with you to help you choose what blends together well and what satisfies your personal style. As you consider the options, they can be a great guide or sounding board for the decisions that will personalize your home from top to bottom!

Please note these open houses are absolutely free with no obligations. We encourage you to attend so that you can see the options and designs you’ll be able to enjoy in your new Ball home!