Realtor events

2013 Central Kentucky Gold Key Club Breakfast

We held our Central Kentucky Gold Key Club breakfast yesterday at Donamire Farm in Lexington. This is an annual event for local Realtors who have sold a Ball home.

We had over 200 people join us for the breakfast, which was catered by Dupree Catering and Events. Guests were able to spin a prize wheel for smaller door prizes or be entered in drawings for larger gifts, including gift cards, an iPad mini, UK Football tickets, and a TV. Everyone who had sold a Ball home in the last 12 months were able to get their name in a cash prize drawing.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. We always have such a great time planning this event and we're so thankful for your continued support of Ball Homes. We're looking forward to next year's event!

For more photos, visit the Ball Homes Facebook page.

Lexington Top Producer Luncheon

We, at Ball Homes, are so blessed to have a wonderful group of Realtors who work diligently for our company on the Ball Homes Sales Team. On Tuesday, we celebrated their hard work at the Lexington Top Producer luncheon.

Award winners were divided up into the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level awards, based on the number of sales over the past year.

Bronze Award Winners: Matt Walling, Meredith Lane, Debbie Meers, Sally Ford, Jennifer Sisson, Todd Back, Teresa Parks-Crumbie, Fred Kamdar, Dale Ferguson, Connie Greathouse, Mary Layton, Ben Brown, Malcolm Meers, and Scotty Floro.
Silver Award Winners: Matt Gerwin, Erin Lewis, David Lee Stewart, Erin Raymond, and Mike Wheatley.
Gold Award Winner: Greg Back
Platinum Award Winners: Drew and Lee Hewlett

Drew and Lee Hewlett were the Top Producers for 2012 in Lexington. They were also awarded the "David Lee Stewart bobble-head award" for being the Top Producers for the month of December. Congratulations Drew and Lee!

A very special award was given in honor of Bob Osbourn, the former Milestone Realty Consultants Broker who passed away in 2007. He was actively involved in his community and was very disciplined in his real estate career. The award was given to the Realtor who emulated the characteristics that Bob was famous for. The first annual Bob Osbourn Award was presented to Ben Brown, who always gives 100% to his clients. Congratulations Ben!

We are so thankful for all the hard work that our Ball Homes Sales Team does for us every single day and we're looking forward to a prosperous 2013! For more photos from the luncheon, visit our Facebook page!

Be Like Brady

This blog post comes to us from our Lexington Sales Team Leader Mike Wheatley. He invited a very special guest to the monthly Lexington area sales meeting this morning.

For our monthly sales meeting this week, I invited Brady Lane and his driver, Meredith Lane to demonstrate, in person, the value of a positive attitude and how it can impact everyone around us. Brady is a 10 month old yellow lab with enthusiasm and energy to burn. As I was preparing for our meeting, and trying to think of someone who always demonstrated a positive attitude, dogs-rather than people-came to mind for some reason, so I shot Brady a text to see if would be available to join us.

When I think of Brady’s life, he has many reasons not to rejoice daily: he eats off the floor; he has to go outside to use the bathroom; he bathes with his tongue; he is unwelcome in virtually every business in Lexington; if Meredith doesn’t fill his water bowl, he drinks from the toilet. Despite all this, he wakes up every day with a dog smile, wagging his tail, and bursting with enthusiasm thinking about what the day might bring.
When I sent Brady the invitation text, he didn’t say the meeting was too early, or complain that he hates office meetings, didn’t ask if it pays (although he did ask if there would be snacks). Brady was simply jumping with excitement at the prospect of meeting a room full of strangers and getting to spend time with them.
Why is Brady a great role model for us, as salespeople? Number one is his positive attitude and non-stop enthusiasm, and his firm belief that everyone he meets is a serious buyer for what he is selling. He doesn’t pre-judge the “prospects” he meets based on the car they are driving, the clothes they are wearing, or any other superficial issues. He simply delivers the same great service to everyone he meets.
One of the few things we control each and every day is our attitude. That is a conscious decision we all make and control every single day, and despite all of the outside factors that we allow to impact our attitudes, it really is in our control. The power of positive thinking is well documented in many different situations and case studies…it really does work, but we can easily dismiss it because it’s so simple. My goal for 2013 is simply to be more like Brady.