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Sneak Peek...

We've been busy here at Ball Homes!

Besides working on Grand Tour of Homes and opening new model homes, we've been doing some remodeling at our Central Kentucky office. Starting tonight at our bi-weekly Design Studio Open House, you'll be able to tour our brand new Design Center.

This new center is designed with our homeowners in mind. You'll be able to see and touch many of the design elements that go into your new Ball home. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see.

From walls of faucet and showerhead options, to an operational kitchen with full appliances, come see what's new at Ball Homes! Our Central Kentucky Design Studio is open to the public every other Tuesday, beginning August 5th from 5-7pm, or by appointment during the week. For directions, click here.

NAHB Reveals Most Popular Features In New Homes

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is sharing the most popular features in new single-family homes for 2014. Builders from across the country were surveyed on what features were more likely to be included in new homes this year. Builders are including features that are practical and functional for the daily lives of today’s home buyers.

The top features included in this year’s new construction homes are:

  • walk-in closets in the Master bedroom
  • low-E windows
  • a separate laundry room
  • a great room

Builders also list features such as granite countertops, a double sink and a central island as winning elements in new-home kitchens, and a linen closet and a private toilet in the bathroom. Additional features likely to be included throughout the home include first-floor ceilings at least nine-feet high, a front porch, outdoor lighting and a patio.

Because new construction homes can be personally designed to suit the needs of homeowners, it gives them more flexibility to create a space that’s perfect for their family. That’s why now is a great time to invest in your future and build the home of your dreams! Contact a Ball Homes Specialist for more information!

Organize Your Family Drop Zone

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution list yet? Like many people, you may have added “Get Organized” to your list of things you’d like to accomplish this year. One place that many people have trouble getting organized is the family drop-zone; a central place in the home where family members (sometimes literally) drop their keys, bags, mail or other important documents.
Many of our homes have built-in drop zone areas , like the Glenstone or Livingston floor plans. However, if that area isn't organized, the accumulation of everyone’s stuff can get overwhelming! By getting (and keeping) your family drop zone organized, you can make sure everyone gets out the door in the morning quickly, while still keeping your home clutter-free at the end of the day.
When you're preparing to tackle your family drop zone, ask yourself these two questions.

Do I use this item on a daily basis?

If the answer is no, find another place for it. Only keep must-have items in your drop zone so that you keep it from becoming a dump-zone!
How can I better utilize this space?
After you’ve cleared out all the unnecessary items out of your drop zone, look at the space itself. Is there something you can add to make the space more efficient?

   • Place a decorative bowl on the counter to hold your keys, or mount hooks on the wall to hang bags or purses.

   • Get a basket for each member of the family to hold shoes, gloves, or scarves.
   • Put drawer organizers to good use by holding pens, pencils, stray paper clips or stamps.
The final step in keeping your drop zone organized is to commit to keeping it maintained. When you come home from work, don’t just drop all the mail in a giant heap. Pledge to sort everything into its proper place. Involve your kids in your efforts too. When they walk in the front door, make sure they know that their shoes and bags need to be put in their bins or hung on the wall instead of dropped on the floor or the counter.
Do you have a family drop zone that you plan on organizing this year? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Choosing Countertops for Your Home

When working with your Design Consultant to choose the interior finishes for your new Ball home, choosing a countertop can be a stressfull decision. But it doesn't have to be that way! Here are a few tips from our Design Consultants on choosing the right countertops for your new home.

1. Don't choose on looks alone.

As tempting as it is to choose strictly on looks, durability, maintenance, and of course cost should be the leading factors in the type of countertops you choose for your home. 

2. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Material: Every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Some etch more easily; others are highly durable. Some resistant to water; others stain easily. Investigate the different kinds of stone and what works best for your needs.

Color: One of the wonderful features about this natural stone products is that no two pieces are alike. The samples in our Design Studio do not begin to show the color, movement, and variation that they will have in a large slab, so there is always the possibility that the actual color of the stone will vary up to a full shade in your home. That is part of the innate beauty of the product and what enables our buyers to further personalize the look of their new home.

3. Use available resources to find what you like.

There are many different ways to find a countertop that will be perfect for you. We would recommend starting with websites like Pinterest or Houzz to get ideas on what style you like and what look you'd like to achieve. You can also visit any of our Model Homes to get a first hand look at the various materials we offer in a real home setting. See how a large slab of your favorite countertop looks with other kitchen colors. Find a countertop that matches what you've been envisioning for your home.

Create Curb Appeal at Your New Ball Home!

Now that you've moved into your new Ball home, you're ready to add your own personal style to it. There's furniture to arrange and cupboards to fill, but don't let winter weather keep you from putting your personal touch on the outside of your home. There are things you can do right now to add curb appeal to your new home and add "you" to your new abode.

Knock, Knock

Your front door makes the first impression for your house. Make it shine with a new wreath or door mat to greet your guests, like this DIY welcome mat from If you have a porch, add a decorative bench or rocking chairs. Create symmetry with topiaries or sconces flanking the doorway.

 Photo Source

Light Up the Night
Attract attention to your home even after the sun has gone down. Install decorative lighting in your landscaping or along your front walkway. The bright side (no pun intended) with installing outdoor lighting is that it provides safety and security as well as looking great. Here's an article from the designers at HGTV on working with landscape lighting.

Stop and Smell the Flowers
Plants and flowers can bring instant color to a dreary landscape. Because planting in the winter can be tricky, install ready-made planters or window boxes. Keep your shrubs trimmed and freshen up the mulch to keep your garden areas from looking overrun or tired-looking. Eventually when the weather warms, you can define your landscape with edging stones to add more color and texture to your garden beds.