Reduce Allergens In Your Home

As warmer weather starts to become more frequent, so does the sniffling and sneezing of allergy sufferers. It's hard to enjoy the perks of Spring when your eyes are watering and your head feels like a stretched balloon. While you can't stop the grass from growing, you can stop allergens from sneaking into your home. If allergies have arrived at your doorstep, here are 7 tips from BrightNest to keep your symptoms at bay.

1. Wash Your Bedding

Millions of dust mites and dead skin cells call your mattress home. Make sure you give them the boot by washing your bedding and your pillows at least once a week in hot water. For tips on how to clean your pillows, click here.

2. De-clutter

Spring is a wonderful time to de-clutter the house. Remove the items that tend to collect dust, like junk mail, magazines and knick-knacks.

3. Clean Your Curtains

Refresh your curtains by vaccuuming them with the hose attachment and handwashing them in cold water. Heavy curtains can trap dust, dirt and allergens.

4. Avoid Feather Dusters

Use a damp microfiber cloth to trap dust, instead of a feather duster, which tends to spread dust around instead of removing it.

5. Keep Shoes Near The Door

The bottom of your shoes are a host to all kinds of dirt, allergens, and bacteria. Clear a space next to your exterior doors for people to leave their shoes. You can even use a basket or plastic bin to keep everything contained.

6. Vaccuum With A HEPA filter

Destroy dust mites by vaccuuming with a high-efficiency vaccuum at least once a week. Vaccuums with HEPA filters can trap very fine dust particles, which means you can get them out of your home.

7. Check Your Humidity Levels

Humidity levels above 55% can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can trigger allergy symptoms. Measure the humidity levels in your home to see if they're at a normal level. If not, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier.