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Ball Homes offers both the customization opportunities of a brand new build-to-suit home and the convenience of a ready-to-close Quick Move Home, as well as options that combine the best of both worlds.

Built-to-suit homes offer the highest level of choice and customization.  Create your perfect home by selecting your favorite floor plan within a community, then choosing from the available homesites the one that best meets your needs.  Select the options and features you like best to build your dream home from the ground up.  Often favored by the repeat homebuyer who knows exactly what he or she is looking for in a new home, the build-to-suit process offers the opportunity to select the floor plan that most appeals to the homebuyer, and to make sure that it includes the most preferred upgrades as well as any adjustments to the plan that may be desired.  

Some homebuyers find the floor plan that best suits their lifestyle, and then consider community choices.  Others may start with a chosen community that offers just the right location, amenities, and price ranges, then explore their floor plan options.  There's no wrong way to go about it! 

Build-to-Suit homes typically take longer to complete than Quick Move or Quick Start homes, those homes that exist in inventory in various stages of completion.  A minimum of four months is needed to complete a build-to-suit home, which requires a more detailed and extensive planning and selection process than a Quick Move Home. 

Quick Start and
Quick Move Homes offer the best of both worlds for the homebuyer who is in a bit of a hurry--and sometimes even for those with all the time in the world.  These homes offer all of the advantages of new construction: full warranties, contemporary designs, great locations, and a brand new home with neutral decor.  The only thing that is not included is the waiting time that comes with a build-to-suit construction timeline. 

Ball Homes maintains a sizeable and diverse inventory of homes under construction that are for sale (most builders call these spec homes).  Most of these homes begin life as Quick Start Homes, when Ball Homes selects a floor plan and homesite, and construction begins based on a minimal set of specifications that allows for as much future option selection and customization as possible.  Specifications for these homes are selected to appeal to the widest possible number of homebuyers.  Most homes include fireplaces, upgrade baths, and attic storage packages if the floor plans allow.  Moderate electrical upgrades are added, focused on convenience and usability, with plenty of phone and cable outlets and ceiling fan pre-wires where homebuyers want them most.  Interior finish upgrades appropriate to the price range of the home, such as cabinets and flooring, are added.  Neutral, contemporary color schemes are professionally selected for harmony and wide appeal.  Making option, product and color selections as the need arises helps to strike a balance between the time advantage of a partially completed home and the desire of the homebuyer to make whatever choices remain available to customize the home. 

As construction progresses on a Quick Start Home, additional specifications are selected as the schedule requires, as described in the Phase system and numbers.  Quick Start Homes are typically in the Phase 0 or Phase 1 stage.  Those homes that have progressed to a stage of construction that will allow them to be move-in ready within the next sixty days are termed Quick Move Homes.  Typically, they have completed drywall and are in some stage of the interior finish process.  They are usually a Phase 2 or 3 spec home.  Some Quick Move Homes are completely ready, cleaned, and quality inspected, able to be closed at the drop of a hat. 
Whether you need a new home in a hurry, or prefer to take your time and enjoy the building process (or you fall somewhere in between those two),  Ball Homes has a variety of ways to help make your new home dreams come true.